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Clariti 1 Is Going Plastic Neutral

Clarity 1 Day lenses are Net Plastic Neutral

CooperVision partners with Plastic Bank to launch the United States’ first Plastic Neutral contact lens

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses, CooperVision is dedicated to developing quality lenses that bring better vision to the world. CooperVision is committed to taking significant steps in its sustainability practices. For every box of clariti® 1 day distributed in the United States, CooperVision will fund the collection, processing, and reuse of general plastic waste that is equal to the weight of the plastic contained in clariti® 1 day lenses and packaging.

A dedication to the good of the planet

With the launch of clariti® 1 day, CooperVision is providing eye care practitioners and contact lens wearers a simple, environmentally sustainable option to make a positive impact on the environment. In the first three months of our U.S. partnership, CooperVision and Plastic Bank have prevented over 111,000 kilograms of plastic waste from entering the ocean – that’s equivalent to over 5.5 million single-use plastic bottles.

Together with CooperVision, we are creating environmental, social and economic impact for our collector communities and the world.

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability

Plastic plays a critical role in the hygienic delivery and sterile protection of our products4, “ and how that plastic is managed is important to us. We’re dedicated to more than developing quality products that help people see better each day. clariti® 1 day is manufactured in Alajuela, Costa Rica at a manufacturing site built with sustainability in mind, demonstrating that we have a strong track record of doing so with environmental responsibility.

La durabilité est importante pour vos patients et votre bureau

La recherche montre que les consommateurs canadiens accordent plus d’attention aux pratiques de développement durable des entreprises avec lesquelles ils choisissent de faire affaire, et nous savons que cela compte aussi pour vous et vos collègues. Cela représente une occasion pour vous de différencier votre pratique en mettant en œuvre des pratiques durables et en choisissant de prescrire des produits provenant d’entreprises qui font de même.

Our conscious—and constant—conservation

At CooperVision®, we’re continuously working to make a positive impact on the environment and operate more sustainably because it’s the right thing to do—for our employees, our customers, our business, and our planet. From production improvements designed to conserve water to efforts that recycle nearly 100% of the plastics used in production, we’re prioritizing environmentally responsible practices across four key areas: water, energy, recycling, and people.

Notre engagement continu à l’égard du développement durable

Le plastique joue un rôle essentiel dans la livraison hygiénique et la protection stérile de nos produits, « et la façon dont ce plastique est géré est importante pour nous. Notre engagement, c’est plus que le développement de produits de qualité qui aident les gens à mieux voir chaque jour. claritiMD 1 day est fabriqué à Alajuela, au Costa Rica, sur un site de fabrication construit dans un souci de développement durable, ce qui démontre que nous avons de solides antécédents en matière de responsabilité environnementale.