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MyDay Daily Disposable Multifocal Lenses

Available Exclusively at Bastien & Prizant Optometry

We are one of a handful of Canadian optometry practices where the new MyDay Daily Disposable Multifocal Lenses are available. Ask our optometrists for more information.

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Presbyopia is the ultimate opponent in the exam lane, and the new MyDay® multifocal is about to change the game.

  • Using OptiExpertTM, successfully fit 98% of patients with two pairs of lenses or fewer1
  • New Binocular Progressive System with 3 adds enables optimal vision at every distance

Presbyopia isn’t ready for what’s coming—but your presbyopic patients are.

Available now, only at Bastien & Prizant Optometry. Be prepared.


📢 Important Announcement 🌟

We are pleased to announce that, based on current health guidelines and vaccination rates, we are relaxing COVID mask restrictions in our establishment.

Masks will no longer be mandatory. However, we fully respect personal preferences and individual comfort levels.

If you wish to continue wearing masks for added protection or peace of mind, please feel free to do so.

We believe in empowering our community to make the best decisions for their well-being.